Friday, March 25, 2011

Trip #6 Potawatomi State Park, Site #111

August 2000

"On a clear day, the view from the park's observation tower reaches 16 miles across Green Bay.  Rolling wooded terrain with two miles of rocky shore frontage on Sturgeon Bay.  Cabin for people with disabilities."

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

This is the first trip my brother Tim came on.  Yay!!  I think it's kind of funny that as I'm looking at all these old pictures I realize I used to go camping with a bunch of guys all the time.  I love my girls and I'm so glad they come with us now!  I can't wait until I get to that photo album.

The first part of this trip was pretty rainy.  I remember we had a big storm one night.  My parents also stopped by and dropped off doughnuts one morning.  It was a nice surprise.  I forget what they were doing in Door County that weekend.  We bounced around a lot on this trip.  Potawatomi State Park is on the bay side of the peninsula.  We also drove over to Whitefish Dunes State Park on the lake side.  They don't have a campground, so we just went to hang out on the beach for an afternoon.  It was really pretty, but I remember the water being really cold.  We also stopped at Point Beach State Park on the way home to have lunch.  I've got a ton of pictures from this trip.

Site #111

Notice the doughnuts on the table from mom and dad


Sturgeon Bay

Tim!  He must have been pondering something really important.

Okay, so they were building a stand a couple feet from shore, so they could fish closer to the fish.

Chris, Tim and Kyle

Finished product

Rainy beginning to the week.  Having a rocky beach made it possible to hang out by the lake.

Me on the look out tower

View from the look out tower

I know these little islands have names, but I can't remember what they are.

Beach at Whitefish Dunes State Park

Kyle and Chris

Me on the beach.  I love this shoreline!  I reminds me of tide pools on the ocean.

Eating lunch at Point Beach State Park on the way home.

Point Beach

Trip #5 Kettle Moraine SF - Pike Lake, Site #18

July 2000

"The observation tower on Powder Hill, a 1,350 foot glacial kame, offers panoramic views of the park's unique glacial topography.  Park of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail."

Hartford, Wisconsin

I guess you could say this is the beginning of chapter two.  There was an entirely new cast of characters on this trip, aside from myself.  There were four of us that weekend.  This will forever be remembered as the Skol vodka trip.  It was absolutely horrible.  We were mixing Skol, the nastiest vodka I've ever drank, half and half with Kool Aid.  You drink what you can at that age I guess.  I just remember being so sick the next morning I couldn't even stomach bacon.  That's pretty serious for a camping trip!  I don't remember being overly impressed with this park.  The beach was super packed too.  This was just a close easy trip.

No more Mr. Hanky!  First stick shift car, the white Eclipse.  Loved this car!!

Our site.  I think that's Heidi sitting at the table.  This was the only trip she came on, so it's a little fuzzy.

Beach at Pike Lake

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trip #4 Nelson Dewey State Park, Site #11

September 1999

"Take in a panoramic view of the Mississippi from several outlooks atop the river bluffs.  Relive history at nearby Stonefield Historic Site and by touring the home of Nelson Dewey, Wisconsin's first Governor. "

Cassville, Wisconsin

The fourth trip in four weeks and it would be the last for the three of us.  Tim likes to call us the camping pioneers, at least for this little mission.  I have fond memories of the three of us camping, but life and relationships change when you're young.  There was a historic site, Stonefield Village, right by the campground.  Although unique, the more memorable part of the trip would be all the driving we did.  We drove for what seemed like hours in search of a corn cob pipe and also drove on the the Great River Road.  We must of had a hard time sitting still back then.  None of us would even dream of doing something like this now.  We drove north to La Crosse, west into Minnesota, down to Dubuque, Iowa back east and up to the park.  I remember Dubuque being the most interesting, especially all of the river boats docked there.  I think Jim and Amanda met us at the campground for one night, but it's kind of fuzzy and I don't have any pictures of them being there.  We also drove up to Wyalusing State Park, which I would have to say is my favorite state park beach.

Site #11

Ryan and Tim hangin on the site

Nelson Dewey's mansion

Stonefield Village

Bridge into the village

Ha!  Looks like a ton of fun!

Beach at Wyalusing State Park

Me at Wyalusing

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip #3 Richard "Bong" State Recreation Area, Sunrise Campground, Site #16

August 1999

"Named after Wisconsin's famous flying ace, this 4,515-acre property offers traditional outdoor activities as well as unique recreational opportunities.   Dog training, model airplanes, rocketry, and falconry co-exist with rare species and habitats."

Kansasville, Wisconsin

We obviously were on a mission that August, with this being the third park we camped at that month.  However, the trip didn't last long.  This was the first park we were kicked out of and what could be a more appropriate park name for this momentous occasion.  We had a new member to our group this weekend.  Chad, a co-worker at the time, came with us.  Everything was going fine until the group on the site across from us started setting up their site after 11:00 p.m.  Park rules state that you can't set up your site after 11:00 p.m., which is "quiet time."  So we decided since they were setting up after hours we didn't have be quiet.  We were singing Insane Clown Posse pretty loudly and it got the attention of the park rangers.  "You sick, wit it."  When they came to tell us to quiet down they also found a cooler of Mickey's grenades.  I seriously can't believe I remember some of these details.  Luckily park rangers, aka Ranger Joe from this point on, don't ticket for underage drinking, you just have to be off the site by 8:00 a.m. the next day.  We packed up early, explored the park a bit and did a little fishing.  Rather then heading home, we decided to make the best of a bad situation and got a room at a Hampton Inn for the night.  No reason to end vacation early right!  Plus even though we were all 18, no one wanted to explain why we were home early to the "rents."  All in all, still a good trip!

Our site

Hangin on the site, packed up and ready to leave.  The good thing about getting kicked out is getting to enjoy the sunrise.  


Urban fishing pond

Fishing pier at Wolf Lake

Ski diver over Wolf Lake

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip #2 Kettle Moraine SF - Southern Unit, Whitewater Campground, Site #606

August 1999

"Within its 22,500 acres of glacial landforms lies the 3,500 acres Scuppernong River Habitat Area, the largest native wet prairie east of the Mississippi.  Swimming beaches, year-round camping trails for horseback riding, skiing, and mountain biking.  Cabin for people with disabilities."

Eagle, Wisconsin

The next weekend we went back to Mauthe Lake and the park was full.  We had the rangers call a couple of parks and found an opening at the Whitewater Campground.  It really kinda sucked, because I think this was over an hour from where we were.  This is when I got the idea to try and camp at all of the Wisconsin State Parks.  I can't remember if we were there the whole weekend or just one night.

Mr. Hanky

Ryan & Tim on the site

Rice Lake

Whitewater Lake

Trip #1 Kettle Moraine SF - Northern Unit, Mauthe Lake Campground

August 1999

"This 29,000 acre forest is a glacial panorama of rolling, wooded hills dotted with serene lakes.  Year-round camping, nature programs and recreation for all seasons.  Ice Age Visitor Center open daily."

Campbellsport, Wisconsin

Three of us went on the first camping trip.  I didn't even have the idea to camp all all the the parks at this point.  I got a tent for my 18th birthday and we decided to go to Mauthe Lake Campground for the night.  I remember my 1989 Chevy Caviler was stuck in high idle, going 25 miles an hour without my foot on the gas.  We spent most of the trip just grilling, fishing and checking out the park.  One interesting thing I remember is that the lake has a red tint to it, because of the amount of iron in the water.

Me on our site.

Tim's rock bass!

Mauthe Lake