Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trip #12 Glacial Drumlin State Trail, Sandhill Campground Site # 15

October 2001

"A 52-mile ride through glacial landscapes between Waukesha and Cottage Grove.  There is a 1.5-mile on-road near Jefferson.  The 12 miles from Waukesha to Dousman is paved."

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Worst trip ever!!!  It was sooooo cold!  I had about five shirts and a couple pairs of sweatpants on the whole time.  We slept with about five blankets and still froze.  I took a camping class in college and learned that isn't the correct way to stay warm in this type of situation.  Your body heat has to heat up all the layers before you warm up.

This is the first time I camped at a state trail.  All of the sites were walk-in.  There were carts in the parking lot that you used to hike your gear in.  Another unique feature at this park, was there was no ranger station.  I made the reservation ahead of time and my name was on laminated card on the camping post.  The fishing totally sucked when we were there.  We didn't even catch one.  It was really miserable.  I'm not a quitter, but we definitely quit this trip.  The wood wouldn't burn either, which didn't help the freezing situation.  We got there on Friday and decided to pack it up Saturday night around 9:00 p.m.  We didn't even roll the sleeping bags or fold the tent.  We threw it all in the car and got outta there as quickly as possible!

Our Site

I like the big tree over the site.  

I didn't gain 20 lbs since the last trip.  I have about five layers on.

Mud Lake

Marsh land boardwalk

Fishing on a little pond with no success.

Ha! in a tree again.  That's the second picture.
I bet I'll find some more.

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