Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trip # 9 Point Beach State Forest, Site #59

June 2001

"Located on a point jutting into Lake Michigan, 6 miles of lakeshore and dunes offer natural respite."

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Another fun weekend.  This is a really pretty park.  I used to stay here as a kid all of the time, so this wasn't a new one for me.  They had some great parties here back in the day.  I also remember a time as a kid when we camped here and the horse flies were so bad, my brother and I had to wait in the car while our parents packed up the site.  Other than that, it's a great place to camp.  The fire pits here are great for cooking.

Our site.  Check out the grate on the fire pit!

Beautiful Beach.  It was way to cold to go in though.


Kind of looks like palm trees.

Me again.  We went for a walk that night.

Rochelle hangin on the site.

Me in front of the nature center.  This parking lot is where I remember the parties when I was younger.

The beach upside down.  Not just the camera either ;)

Eatin good!

Rochelle and I/Camping buddies!

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