Friday, April 1, 2011

Trip #7 Big Foot Beach State Park, Site C

September 2000

"Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the park offers wooded campsites, a sand beach and picnic areas.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at Big Foot Beach."

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This wasn't the most exciting trip.  There really wasn't much to do at this park.  Our site was at the far end of a grassy opening.  It was the first time we'd been on a site like this.  We walked everything to the site.  I think we must have gotten really wet in the tent from the rain the previous trip, so we took measures to ensure that wouldn't happen again.  It was dreary all weekend, but it didn't rain.  I remembered that you couldn't drink on the beach, but I did recall the entire park being dry.

No rain was getting in our tent!  To bad it didn't rain.

Urban fishing pond

Tim fishing.  He didn't bring a fishing pole, so we rigged one up out of  fishing line and a stick.

Well, he didn't catch a fish, but he caught a frog.

Me and my catch.

One tiny fishy.  Don't worry, I threw it back.  

Harbor @ Lake Geneva

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