Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip #2 Kettle Moraine SF - Southern Unit, Whitewater Campground, Site #606

August 1999

"Within its 22,500 acres of glacial landforms lies the 3,500 acres Scuppernong River Habitat Area, the largest native wet prairie east of the Mississippi.  Swimming beaches, year-round camping trails for horseback riding, skiing, and mountain biking.  Cabin for people with disabilities."

Eagle, Wisconsin

The next weekend we went back to Mauthe Lake and the park was full.  We had the rangers call a couple of parks and found an opening at the Whitewater Campground.  It really kinda sucked, because I think this was over an hour from where we were.  This is when I got the idea to try and camp at all of the Wisconsin State Parks.  I can't remember if we were there the whole weekend or just one night.

Mr. Hanky

Ryan & Tim on the site

Rice Lake

Whitewater Lake


  1. I'm honestly considering camping at this site or the Ottowa or Pinewoods one. Was it just the distance that sucked or was there more to complain about? Should I avoid this place? I know the area fairly well but I want to know if camping here is worth it. some of the concerns in my camping group were finding a place to swim and being able to park near or next to the site. Any advice would help! Thanks!

  2. Sorry about the confusion. The park was fine, the drive sucked. We were planning to camp an hour north of Milwaukee and got there and it was full, turned around and drove an hour south of Milwaukee. There were two lakes by this park, one had a pretty nice beach. You can park on the site. Hope that helps. I'm not familiar with Ottowa or Pinewoods. Have a good trip!