Monday, March 21, 2011

Trip #4 Nelson Dewey State Park, Site #11

September 1999

"Take in a panoramic view of the Mississippi from several outlooks atop the river bluffs.  Relive history at nearby Stonefield Historic Site and by touring the home of Nelson Dewey, Wisconsin's first Governor. "

Cassville, Wisconsin

The fourth trip in four weeks and it would be the last for the three of us.  Tim likes to call us the camping pioneers, at least for this little mission.  I have fond memories of the three of us camping, but life and relationships change when you're young.  There was a historic site, Stonefield Village, right by the campground.  Although unique, the more memorable part of the trip would be all the driving we did.  We drove for what seemed like hours in search of a corn cob pipe and also drove on the the Great River Road.  We must of had a hard time sitting still back then.  None of us would even dream of doing something like this now.  We drove north to La Crosse, west into Minnesota, down to Dubuque, Iowa back east and up to the park.  I remember Dubuque being the most interesting, especially all of the river boats docked there.  I think Jim and Amanda met us at the campground for one night, but it's kind of fuzzy and I don't have any pictures of them being there.  We also drove up to Wyalusing State Park, which I would have to say is my favorite state park beach.

Site #11

Ryan and Tim hangin on the site

Nelson Dewey's mansion

Stonefield Village

Bridge into the village

Ha!  Looks like a ton of fun!

Beach at Wyalusing State Park

Me at Wyalusing

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