Friday, March 25, 2011

Trip #5 Kettle Moraine SF - Pike Lake, Site #18

July 2000

"The observation tower on Powder Hill, a 1,350 foot glacial kame, offers panoramic views of the park's unique glacial topography.  Park of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail."

Hartford, Wisconsin

I guess you could say this is the beginning of chapter two.  There was an entirely new cast of characters on this trip, aside from myself.  There were four of us that weekend.  This will forever be remembered as the Skol vodka trip.  It was absolutely horrible.  We were mixing Skol, the nastiest vodka I've ever drank, half and half with Kool Aid.  You drink what you can at that age I guess.  I just remember being so sick the next morning I couldn't even stomach bacon.  That's pretty serious for a camping trip!  I don't remember being overly impressed with this park.  The beach was super packed too.  This was just a close easy trip.

No more Mr. Hanky!  First stick shift car, the white Eclipse.  Loved this car!!

Our site.  I think that's Heidi sitting at the table.  This was the only trip she came on, so it's a little fuzzy.

Beach at Pike Lake

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